What does it mean to have a climate-controlled unit?

Our climate-controlled units are located in ABC's indoor storage building, protected from the harsh Wyoming weather. Our climate-controlled units are kept at a consistent temperature year-round. These units are perfect for the more delicate items you need to store, protecting them from extreme temperatures and harmful humidity.

What security measures are in place?

We have an on-site manager who lives at the facility. Our gates are opened and closed each morning and evening. We also have security cameras around the facility.

When am I able to access my storage unit?

Our gates are opened every day at 7am and closed each evening at 8pm. If you need special access to your unit, our on site manager is more than willing to open the gates for you.

How do I pay?

We have multiple ways to pay: in person at the office, online through our payment portal, over the phone, or sign up for our Auto-pay and we'll take care of it for you.

Are contracts month-to-month?

Yes. Each contract is month to month. We understand you need to be flexible, and you can cancel anytime.

Any tips for storing my belongings in my storage unit?

1) Pack as much as you can into boxes. 2) Use a uniform box size and label each box. 3) Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or protective paper. 4) Stack items with largest and heaviest pieces on the bottom. 4) If there is an item you will need periodically, make sure that item is accessible. 5) Take inventory of everything you put in your storage unit so you know what is in there. 5) Use a good lock and make sure you have an extra key. (We have industrial-grade disc locks available in the office)